My Alex & Ani’s


I never was really a jewellery girl growing up. I usually got into a phase of wearing a specific piece for a couple weeks but it always got lost or it didn’t have much meaning to it. As I’ve gotten older, I have a lot more respect for things that truly have a purpose or story/feeling behind it. So when I discovered Alex & Ani bracelets, I instantly fell in love.


Of course before I owned any of my Alex & Ani bracelets, I seen them everywhere. I thought they were cute and unique but I didn’t look into what they were all about. Until one day I went onto the Alex & Ani website and read about their story.

I’m inspired by people. Fashion is the by-product of fabulous people. Being so comfortable in your own skin, that’s fashion. – Carolyn Rafaelian (Founder of Alex & Ani)

Alex & Ani is a company that really stands behind being yourself and being comfortable in your own skin. Which I absolutely adore because I myself struggled and struggles with being comfortable in my own skin sometimes. As humans, we all struggle with truly accepting our appearance at times and have our individual insecurities. That’s a whole other post but that’s one of the reasons why Alex & Ani caught my attention. They as well really have a bracelet for everyone. We all have our own individual paths, goals and stories – and these bracelets/necklaces/etc. let you carry those sentimental feelings with you wherever you go.

“Rafaelian is living proof that anything is possible with hard work and a little positive energy.”

(Alex&Ani website)





The Laughing Buddha


This one was my second piece I bought. As soon as I seen it, I had to have it. What he symbolizes is very inspirational to me and when people ask me about it – I love to tell them what it symbolizes.


I am going to be completely honest and say that I have my moments when I get angry and aggravated when things don’t go as planned or when things get tough. This little guy reminds me that even when I’m having a bad day – to always find time for joy and laughter. Life is so extremely precious and short that when you really sit down and think about it – when you’re old and grey, do you wanna look back and remember all those times where you were upset and angry over so many pointless things? Or do you wanna look back and remember when times were rough, you tried your hardest to look at the bright side and find a moment to smile. I get it – trying to be optimistic all the time is hard – especially when that asshole in front of you just cut you off, someone didn’t use their blinker or someone didn’t say thank you after you held the door for them. Every time I see or hear myself being bitter or mean, I think of this charm and it reminds me to brush it off. Happiness is a blissful state of mind so try and live your life with as much kindness and joy as you can. Believe me, it’ll be worth it.

Path of Life


This was a gift from a very close friend of mine and at this point in my life, it means so much to me. She gave it to me right before I left everything behind in Michigan to go live in England. If you know me or read any other posts on my blog, you know that I just moved across the world. This charm represents this entire chapter of my life and it has to be one of my favourites.

image7 (1).jpg

It represents that life has incredibly unexpected twists and turns. You’re going to get caught in unexpected winds – don’t fight them…just let them carry you. When I look at this charm, it keeps me grounded and reminds me to stay strong and motivated during this new chapter in my life. No matter how crazy life gets, you always have to reassure yourself that everything is going to be okay. Life is hard – so it’s easier to just embrace where it takes you instead of questioning why.

Tree of Life



My first Alex & Ani. This was a gift as well from the close friend who gave me the ‘Path of Life’ charm. Now this one symbolizes the acknowledgement of respecting, loving and admiring the beauty of nature. But we put our own meaning behind this one – it’s to remind me of the people I worked with over in America at Origins. They were my second family – I adore them so much and this symbolizes to never forget what we had together and hopefully one day  in the far future…we can have again.

The Compass



The compass. Ohhhhh…the Compass. You already know what I am going to say about this piece. This was a gift from one of my best friends. It shows me that things are going to transition in life and I’m not going to travel in the same direction forever. For me, that direction is moving 3,000 miles away from my home…to a new home. To be with someone you love, you sometimes have to go through some sacrifices.  It is hard to adapt to new chapters at first – but no matter what direction I go…I’ll always know my way back home.

“North represents home and infinite possibility. South embodies passion and the present. East signifies new beginnings and the future. West symbolizes emotion and new beginnings.” – Alex & Ani website

The Plume Feather


Last but certainly not least, this is my feather. It symbolizes to always keep a pure and light heart. Now let me point out, these bracelets may have specific meanings according to the company. But there is no rules – put your own meaning and story behind it. It may symbolize a specific thing to them, but this is your story – when somebody asks you what it means…tell them what it means to you. This feather reminds me to never go to bed with a heavy heart. Never go to bed mad at your loved one, your family, your friend. For they may be taken from you at any moment and if you went to bed one night mad at them – to wake up with them gone the next…is heart breaking. Always forgive and let it go. Keep your heart light as a feather -you’ll thank yourself later.




If you are interested for yourself in purchasing any Alex & Ani products – check out their website! You won’t regret it!



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