Current Obessions


When I find something I like, I fall in with it. So I find myself obsessing over many different things every month, but these are my current obsessions for the past month. Some of these things have been my favourites for quite some time but I just never had the chance to share them before. The pictures aren’t too professional but soon I will be getting proper shooting props to make my pictures look a little bit more appealing to the eyeball. But for now here are some items that I’ve been using every day lately and a small reason on why I love them. Each of the products will have a link stating the price and will take you directly to the product!

Dior  |  Crème De Rose Smoothing Lip Balm


(Retail $28.00)

This little guy is my life saver. I am known to have the driest lips in all the land. As well, I’m a biter. If my lips are dry…you bet I am biting at them. It’s a terrible habit so don’t judge me but we are all guilty of it now and then. Now when you look at the price I know you probably just shit yourself…but clean yourself up and settle down because I am going to tell you right now why that price is completely reasonable. First off, it’s a Christian Dior product and I’ve had mine for over a year and I still have some left. Amazing formula, ingredients and packaging. It has Rose of Damas essential oil, Shea butter and Vitamins A & E. It honestly feels heavenly on the lips, I’ve never used a lip balm like this before. Personally I don’t see any “plumping” benefits to it though. But overall, if you have dry and cracked lips…you will love this. It instantly soothes and makes an amazing primer/base for any lipstick. Especially if you are a lover of liquid lipsticks, this will instantly turn into one of your holy grail products.

Clarins  |  Multi-Active Night


(Retail: $56.00)

Every night I drench my face in this stuff. This is a cream that is great for any skin type. Currently I have oily skin with a tiny bit of dehydration in specific areas. If I forget to use this one night, my skin hates me in the morning. It’s very nourishing and when I wake up, my skin is supple and smooth. If you are one of the lucky ones and get to wake up with sleep lines, this is the night cream for you. It helps to prevent fine lines and wrinkles that form when you sleep. It specifically claims to “smooth skin to compensate for the harmful effects of lack of sleep.” I completely agree. I am really big on smells too, if a product smells bad or funky…it ruins the entire experience for me. When I apply this cream on my face, I instantly feel refreshed and relaxed for the night. It doesn’t leave any kind of uncomfortable oily residue on the skin, it leaves you with the feeling of the perfect hydration you need when you sleep. (FYI: the packaging must of recently changed, the packaging is the same but the name slightly changed.)

Beats  |  Solo2 Headphones


(Retail: $199.99)

Yeah yeah yeah…I can already hear the douche bell ringing. I’ve realized that these brand of headphones are getting a bad reputation. I won’t get into details because that’s not what I’m here for. I’m posting about them, but I think they are the shit. I will keep it short and sweet because how much can you talk about a pair of headphones. I love these. When I work out, I need to have music really loud. These have crystal clear sound quality and really help me kick ass in the gym. (Oh and they are pretty swagalicious looking too.)

Chanel  |  Chance Eau Tendre


Retail ($100.00)

Every time I wear this perfume, I get compliments about how wonderful I smell and questioned about what I’m wearing. It’s a very easy and every day fragrance to wear. It’s light and girly… it’s absolutely delicious. The first time I smelled it I HAD to have it. This is my third bottle and definitely not my last. It has notes of Grapefruit, Jasmine and White Musk. In addition, it lingers all day and this is honestly the only fragrance I can wear that doesn’t give me a headache. After about 20 minutes of wearing it, I get immune to it and can’t smell it anymore. The price tag is a bit high but if you’re looking for a fun and flirty smell for the summer, go and smell this…you can thank me later.

Origins  |  Stay Tuned Balancing Foundation


(Retail $24.50)

In America, I worked at Sephora so I’ve tried every foundation under the sun…almost. I applied tons of foundations on tons of different skin tones, skin textures and skin types. The only reason I’m telling you this is just for your own reassurance because I’m about to talk about a crucial subject. This foundation is absolutely lovely. As I said before, I have very oily / combination skin. As it claims, it somewhat balances your skin out. But that’s not the main reason why I love it. I love this foundation because it can be a light coverage or you can build it up to full coverage. It is 100% completely customizable. Mix it with one of your favourite full coverage foundations or wear it on it’s own. I wear it on it’s own in combination of a concealer. It has a satin finish and it blends like a dream. It’s not cakey or dry. It has such a skin-like appearance to it, which is what any girl wants in a foundation. I discovered this foundation because before I left for England, I worked for Origins. Origins is one of those brands you will 100% fall in love with, not just for their products but for what the company stands for. If you have any extra time, go to their website and see what they’re all about. They are so much more than just a skincare line. Everything is formulated without parabens, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, paraffins, etc. So not only does it make your skin look beautiful, it is as well good for your skin.

Soap & Glory  |  Clean On Me Shower Gel


(Retail $10.00)

If you love good smelling things…girlfriend. You need this in your life. I can’t explain how good this bullshit smells AND it’s only $10.00 for 16 OZ?!  Yeah I know, it’s mental. It smells extremely fresh and clean. The smell lingers on your skin for awhile, I think it’s perfect for spring & summer. That’s pretty much it, I don’t notice any insane difference in the hydration of my skin or anything like that. So overall there’s not many reasons to why I love this product so much besides that it smells good enough that I will most likely use it for the rest of my damn life.

Garnier  |  Micellar Cleansing Water


(Retail $6.99)

I first discovered this product through YouTube, it was a huge thing over in Europe but at that time they didn’t sell it in America. Everyone raved about it and I was dying to try it. So the first time I ever flew over to England to visit my husband…I made him drive me straight to Boots so I could pick this bad boy up. I am so happy I did because this stuff is unreal.  If you’re in a hurry, slap it on a couple cotton rounds and you are all good to go. It just melts your make-up off so effortlessly without stripping your natural moisture barrier. It won’t leave your skin dry or irritated, it doesn’t burn your eyes and works wonderfully with waterproof make-up as well. I personally use this AFTER I cleanse my face. It just picks up any extra debris or make-up left behind. I personally hate any type of oil-based make-up removers, that’s why I love this product so much.

And for all you people in America reading this…they now sell this in the United States! Eeek! Go get it!

Bath & Body Works  | Marshmallow Fireside


(Retail $22.50)

Last but certainly not least, this is most personal favourite this month. I’ve been burning this candle every day since I’ve moved to England. Simply, I do this because it reminds me of home. Unfortunately, the scent of this candle is only sold during the holiday season. So if you’re interested in smelling it, you’ll just have to wait!



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