Fun Weekend


I always look forward to the weekend since I’ve moved here since Dean has every other weekend off. This weekend was one of them. It’s the time where him and I get to spend the most time together. Throughout the week he works pretty much all day every day. I don’t get too sad about it like I use to when I was visiting because I know I’m here for good now but it still makes me appreciate the weekends a little bit more. It was our cheat weekend so we consumed a lot of delicious foods and a lot of alcohol. Haha

This weekend specifically we had a lot going on and it was pretty busy but I loved it. We got to visit two towns that are packed on the weekends. Southend-On-Sea & Leigh-On-Sea. I’ve decided that I really do love Leigh-On-Sea a lot better than Southend. We visited part of the town that’s called ‘Old Leigh’, which is right on the sea front and it’s full of pubs and restaurants. It was a great weekend and it all flew by way too fast but I can’t wait to visit them again.



Saturday is when we headed out to Southend-On-Sea. It’s really a nice town and they have a little bit of everything. The architecture is all over the place, you have really old buildings and more modern ones. It almost reminds me of certain areas in London, but of course this would be a mini version. We mainly needed to head there to visit a bank to get a bank account open for myself. After we got all of that taken care of, we went to lunch. So the day before I did a little bit of research on where and what restaurants were popular in Southend. I came across a place called ‘Legend Deli’ and people were raving about it. I looked through a bunch of reviews and pictures and the place looked very promising. I didn’t get a picture of the outside but it looked like your typical English looking cafe or deli. If you were just walking along the street you wouldn’t really take a second glance. But I did get a picture of what I got, it was absolutely delicious and when we cashed out, the cook/owner came out and he was lovely. I definitely recommend this place and we will be visiting there again I’m sure.


We then went to a pub called ‘The Alex’, this place I absolutely loved. The inside looks very colorful and modern but still has this punk-pop look to it. Another reason why I loved going there is because this is the bar Dean and his friends went to all the time growing up since he was about 16-17 years old. It’s been remodeled a lot but I think what they have going on right now looks amazing.




This church was incredible. Buildings that are as old as this one just amaze me. All of the tombstones dated back into the 1800’s. The churchyard was used for burials between 1870 and 1898. Most of writing on them had faded away from age. But to sit there and think about how old those stones where and the people buried there, is brilliant. Dean and I went through and read most of them but didn’t get to all of them because we didn’t want to walk through the burial area. This is the type of place I would have loved to walk through after dark. Here are some pictures of the tombstones, they really are breathtaking.

(Click to enlarge)

After that handful of drinks and cemetery/church visit …we went and walked down towards the seafront. There are pubs, restaurants and a smaller sized amusement park. There were people everywhere and dogs everywhere. That part…made my heart explode. As many of you know, I have a dog I left back at home and I miss him dearly. So every time I see a dog, I go insane. I just want to scoop them all up and hug them forever. We saw every breed of dog you could think of. We sat outside at a bar called ‘Chinnerys’, it was a really grungy looking place but I enjoyed it a lot.


It’s a very alternative pub that’s known for its shows. It has a separate section specifically for bands to perform. One thing I love to do is to people watch, so sitting outside was lovely. Until it got a little bit too cold so we moved inside. At this point, we were feeling the drinks a bit and I’m the girl who takes a picture of their drinks. Always. (Don’t judge me.)


I’ll keep this next one short but after Chinnerys, we made our way to another frickin’ bar. I know I know…but when Dean and myself were walking by, he saw one of his buddies and we had to stop in and say hello and have some drinks of course. The place is called the ‘Royal Hotel’ and it was stunning on the inside. It wasn’t open to the public for a few hours but we were invited in and had the bar to ourselves.




We had a lovely time and I had a wonderful glass of wine and a special drink that wasn’t even on the menu yet and it was served in a glass barrel! It was delicious and on fire…literally! Here are a couple pictures of them.


On Sunday we met up with a couple of our friends down in Leigh-On-Sea. Now if you had to sit me down and told me I could live in either Leigh or London…I would pick Leigh most definitely. This town has everything you could think of…shopping, food, entertainment, drinking, etc. As well the architecture is breathtaking. It has a tiny feeling of a city but still extremely cozy at the same time. We went to a restaurant called ‘Ye Olde Smack’ and it was delicious. I didn’t get a picture of my food but I had a Cajun chicken burger with chips and a couple beers. After that, we moved on to a couple pubs down to a place called ‘The Peterboat’. This is the place that is completely packed on the weekend when it’s any bit of nice outside. Everyone piles in on the picnic tables right on the sea side. We sat down and had a few pints and some ice cream.


It started to rain so we ran inside, had a couple more pints and then finally started to head home. Jumped on the train and took the typical taxi back home. It was a great weekend and I really am looking forward to having another fun day in the sun again in Old Leigh or Southend. These little weekends like this with Dean and friends really warm my heart. Ever since I moved here I don’t take any moments for granted anymore, you’re only on this planet for a short amount of time so you have to enjoy it while you can. I believe that you should take as many pictures as you can wherever you go, you’ll appreciate it when you’re older. You’ll  have something to look back to and remember all the amazing times you had throughout your life. Memories only last for so long but you can turn those memories into pictures and make them last a life time.






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