Whenever Dean & myself get to go to London, I always get so excited. I haven’t traveled to London alone quite yet…but one day that’ll happen eventually. I love London so much and this time we got to go to a part of it I haven’t been to yet. London is absolutely huge and there are so many different areas to visit. On Saturday we went to Tobacco Dock to a gaming convention called Rezzed.


But first…as soon as we got to London we had to stop for an English breakfast. I must admit that I actually enjoy the breakfast here a lot more than back in America. It’s absolutely delicious and to top it off…the ketchup here is twice as delicious. We stopped at a popular pub/cafe we’ve been to before called Wetherspoons.


I also had an amazing Porter that I believe isn’t sold in America but I may be wrong. It was a Chocolate Porter by Meantime. Anyways…it was absolutely perfect for a beer at 9:30 AM, haha.


…we started to make our way over to Tobacco Dock. Which is a really nice industrial looking type of venue for special events, conferences, meetings & exhibitions. The EGX Rezzed is a gaming event that is a smaller sister event to EGX  (formerly Eurogamer Expo). Basically, it’s a place for lovers of video games to go and meet well-known game designers and give them that opportunity to talk about the game and how it was made/what inspired them. I won’t get too much into detail but it was a lot of fun regardless if you’re a big video game player or not. They served beer there and that made me even more content about it all, haha. Dean got to meet a handful of his friends that he hasn’t seen in a long time which was lovely. Here are some pictures that I got…I didn’t get many but it’ll give you an idea.


So we spent about 5 hours wondering around and then after that we were absolutely starving so we went straight to dinner! We went to this BBQ place called Bodean’s BBQ and I got a brisket sandwich.


Affffffterrrrrrrr that…there was this doughnut place I absolutely had to go to. I had been obsessing over it for the whole entire week. It’s called Crosstown Doughnuts and they’re just known for their amazing & unique flavored doughnuts. I have a crazy obsession with doughnuts so as soon as I seen them on Instagram, I fell in love. So if you’re ever in London and have the chance…visit Crosstown Doughnuts and let me know how you feel after.


So yeah that’s pretty much it basically after this we sat down in a small park and ate our doughnuts and headed home. We were completely exhausted due to walking so so so far. That’s the only down side to London is that it’s so big that you have to walk extremely far. I loved every second of this trip…I am so in love with this city. I will be writing a post on all about the reasons soon. But this trip was a wonderful one to remember and I am counting down the days until I get to go back.




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