Top 5 Favourite YouTubers


they will already know that I am a huge YouTube watcher. (This post won’t be intriguing to some people who aren’t familiar with YouTube.)  I have been for about 8 to 9 years now. I am not ashamed at all about it, it’s a part of my daily life. In my spare time, it’s what my husband and I love to do. I love to scroll through my subscriptions and see who has posted what and catch up on whatever I’ve missed. No I am not a ‘fan girl’ or ‘fan’ of any of these people. It’s me watching others do what they love to do. Share their stories, talk about their passions, hobbies and their life. What I watch isn’t limited at all..I watch channels about makeup all the way to video game plays. All of these people are extremely inspiring and influential to others. They are entertaining to watch and if you’re ever interested in starting to watch YouTube…if you don’t already, these are the people I would recommend. I’ll let you know who they are and what their channel mainly focuses on and what I think about them. Every single one of these people are genuine and down to earth. I have a really good radar when it comes to knowing if someone is putting on a fake show on their channel. YouTube fame/money can really get to your head. But throughout the 8 years I’ve been watching YouTube…these are the people who haven’t changed since the first day I discovered them. I am not a professional critic at all…these are just my personal opinions. Enjoy! x




Bunny (aka grav3yardgirl) is the friggin’ real deal. I would probably say that she is still one of the most genuine girls on YouTube. I’ve been watching her probably for about 4 years and she’s been the same girl from the very beginning. Her carefree attitude and loud personality is extremely contagious. She’s crazy and out there…like me. She’s got a personality that would shine through a huge crowd and that’s what I liked from the start. But mostly why I kept watching is because as her channel grew and grew…her attitude and outlook seemed to remain the same. The YouTube “fame” didn’t go to her head and didn’t change her. She has stayed true to herself and loves herself just the way she is. She promotes self-love to her followers and I love that about her because the majority of her followers are younger. That is amazing for YouTube right now. Putting your true self out there isn’t as easy as it sounds. YouTube can be a very scary place. It’s filled with hateful, judgemental, negative and savage watchers. She just recently posted a video about how people non-stop ask about her teeth and ‘why isn’t she fixing them’. People will try to break you down and rip apart your confidence. In her video, she says how she loves her teeth and is nothing but positive about it. Younger kids need to hear this nowadays. She doesn’t give a crap about the negative things people say about her. She absolutely adores her subscribers and considers them her ‘swampfamily’. I’ve seen YouTubers change dramatically after their channel blows up…and I find it so sad how much ‘fame’ and ‘money’ can alter a human mind. But Bunny has proven that…that isn’t always the case. If you like a quirky, hyper, positive and genuine person…check out her channel. It’s filled with videos of beauty, vlogs, unboxings and fashion. You’ll be glad you did.



Estée is just a bowl of sugar. She’s bubbly, goofy and has a really big heart. She gives me the same vibe as Bunny…extremely genuine and down to earth. Her happiness is contagious as well. I first off…instantly fell in love with her story to be completely honest. I’ll keep it short and sweet. If any of you know me you know I am from Michigan and I just recently moved 3,000+ miles away from my entire family to England…to live with my English husband. Her story is kinda the same. She is from Canada and she moved from there…to London…to be with her boyfriend. I really looked up to that and it made me instantly have a lot of respect for her. Because I know leaving your family behind to move across the world…isn’t easy. It takes a lot of courage and you have to be extremely brave to leave your entire life, your family and your friends…to go start a new one so quickly. Her channel is filled with everything that has to do with amazing fashion, vlogging, beauty and much much more. As well…she has the same passion for doughnuts like me. So…like…did we just become best friends? YEAH! Anyways…Estée is a simple woman with a simple mind. Now don’t quote me on that but that’s the vibe I get…I don’t know her personally but to me she seems like she has a simple heart as well like me. The little things make her happy and that’s why her channel and everything she does is so successful…she just gives off this extremely inspiring vibe. She originally started her blog and her YouTube channel when she moved to England because she was bored and it kept her occupied! Kind of the same thing I’m doing now. I would never in a million years see myself in a position that she’s in now…but she does prove that anything is possible if you put your heart and soul into it. So if you’re looking for a laugh and are thriving for a fashion rescue…go go go! She’s the sweetest peach and I will recommend her channel always.



Excuse my language but…Philip DeFranco is fucking hilarious. This guys personality is spot on. He is entertaining, blunt, straight to the point and doesn’t sugar coat shit. He tells you like it is and that’s it. His channel is all about what story/news is trending at that time and his intellectual opinion about it. Including movies, video games, politics, etc. So I don’t care who you are…everybody loves a little bit of drama and juicy stories once in awhile. It is what fuels our human fire. He’s a breath of fresh air when it comes to other ‘news’ or ‘drama’ channels. I wouldn’t consider his channel a drama channel at all, though. He’s there to fill you in on what’s going on and how he feels about it, not to ignite any fire. He was introduced to me by my husband. I must say that the first video I watched of DeFranco…I was like YUP, THIS GUY…I LIKE. His opinions on things seem to be right up my alley. Everything from politics to religion. He is a yes or no man and that’s the shit I do like. He knows that bitches be crazy and this world is a fucked up place and we are all doomed. Check his channel out if you want a dose of real ass reality and like to laugh your ass off. His videos are educational, humorous, original and his thoughts are realistic.  He is equally a little bit of everything and his videos are never boring to watch. If you end up liking him…he has more of a vlogging channel and you can find that on his main channel.



I really like Kathleen. She’s absolutely beautiful inside and out AND she’s friggin’ hilarious. Her channel has blown up so fast in the past couple years and I’m not surprised at all. Like I said in the beginning of this post…I have a good radar when it comes to knowing if a person is genuine or not and she is definitely one of the rare ones that have stayed pure. Her channel is mainly all beauty related but there are some random other videos as well. She’s very open about her anxiety and shares her stories about it to help others struggling with it…I really respect her for that. She is as well very honest about her thoughts about specific products and companies which is really important in the YouTube world. Some YouTubers will promote or talk about a sponsored product just because that company is paying them. This girl isn’t about that life…she only does it if she truly 563% believes in that product. She’s 100% honest to her subscribers and if something is expensive…she’ll tell you it’s too expensive. BUT…if it is worth the money, you will know. She’s funny as hell and just has this aura about her that is very different from other YouTubers. I don’t want to get into the nitty gritty details on why I love her so much and how she’s so different from the other YouTubers because I might get myself in trouble, haha. But I’ll just say that she doesn’t jump on bandwagons like others do. She is very original and unique. Her channel will keep growing and growing and you’ll know the reason why when you watch her content.



Of course, I have to include my own husbands YouTube channel! No…just kidding. I’m including it because he absolutely deserves every single subscriber in the world. He has such a huge passion for making videos and playing games and his subscribers he has now that it’s unreal. He doesn’t do it because he is just hoping that his channel explodes and he gets a shit ton of YouTuber money…he’s doing it because it’s his passion. I mean yeah it would be icing on the cake if his channel ever did blow up…but that would just be a little extra somethin’ somethin’ to go along with what he already loves to do. Believe me…I sit behind him while he works his ass off almost every day for his channel. He’s got one of those loud personalities that will most likely take him somewhere in the YouTube world…he’s funny, loud and out there…AND with a English accent! (Ladies) Go check his channel out! He may be funny but as well he is a sexy mexy so you’ll get a good dose of eyeball candy at the same time. Hehe.



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