Man oh man…this month has been absolutely insane. I won’t get into much detail because my brain can’t even remember it all. My husband and I have been non-stop on the go whenever he has free time from work. Other than that…when he is at work, I’m just going to admit that I have been uninspired. I get like that from time to time and I believe that it’s because I’m only human. I like to compare myself to others a lot, which is one of my main weaknesses. I tend to look at other ‘bloggers’ and think….what am I doing? Then I have to remind myself that it doesn’t matter if 3 people read this or 1,000 do, I am and should be doing it for myself. If I enjoy doing it and if a handful of others enjoy reading it…even if it’s 1 person, that’s all that matters.

As I just said, I won’t get into much detail of every little thing Dean and myself did, but I will warn you now…this is going to be a long one. Lots of pictures and a little description of what went on…just to save yourself from drooling halfway through this. So before I start to ramble you into a coma…here are some exciting main events that went on in May 2016!


MAY 10, 2016


As some of you might already know, my husband Dean has a YouTube gaming channel that he runs and he got an opportunity to go to the YouTube Space in London. He got invited by a specific big YouTube company/channel named Machinima SBOC to come and experience and watch what they are all about. As well, how this started was that they came across his content and really enjoyed it and asked him to come on down to meet. Chat and discuss him interviewing to become one of their future hosts on their channel. So that was pretty amazing to experience and it warms my heart as well when I see Dean get chances like this because of how much he really enjoys YouTube and creating YouTube content. Seeing him so happy, makes me happy. Hopefully, this will lead to other opportunities and open more doors for him in the future.


In addition, we both got a chance to get in front of the camera and play a fun game called ‘Table Top Racing’, it was a game that was featured on their channel that day and the creators were there as well. It was a lot of fun but to be honest at first, I did not volunteer to play because I am awkward as hell in front of a camera, but in the end, it was pretty comfortable and a lot of fun. I’m glad they basically forced me to get up and play.



MAY 27, 2016


Last weekend our good friends Sarah & Lee…got married. It was absolutely beautiful and everybody looked stunning. It was held at Stock Brook Manor Golf Club and let me tell you…it was breathtaking. The atmosphere was full of happiness and love. Weddings always hit me right in the feels and just makes me so excited and anxious about our wedding.

IMG_1915 - CopyIMG_1903 - Copy (2)IMG_1916 - Copy

Being surrounded by so many friends and tons of new people as well, it was a great time. It was everything a perfect wedding had to offer. Times like these are my favorite because they are never going to happen again and you really get to live in the moment, you need to cherish each minute because you’ll never experience that exact day again. The rest of the world kind of just fades away when you’re at a wedding. It’s just such a lovely feeling.

So congratulations to the new Mrs. &  Mr. Head. Thank you for sharing your special day with us. I hope your wedding day was everything you hoped it would be and I hope you live a lifetime full of happiness together.



MAY 28, 2016

IMG_1939 - Copy

I’ve never been to Comic Con before…I’ve only seen pictures and videos online. So when I tell you, this was like nothing else I’ve ever experienced in my life. I’ve never seen so many people or have been in one area with so many people in my entire life. There were at least 100,000 people at this event. Now I’m not surprised or anything…but holy shit! It was amazing and so exhausting at the same time. So many cosplays, so much merch, so many kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii things. (Sorry) Anyways, I am a huge people watcher so this was my heaven. I loved seeing everyone’s costumes…from shitty to epic. How much time and effort and creativity they put into these costumes was truly astonishing to see. It was amazing enough to inspire Dean and myself to 100% dress up in October this year when we go back.


I don’t know if you’ve noticed the date of when we went…but this was the day after the wedding we went to. Obviously…people drink and get drunk at weddings. We had to get up around 7:00 AM in the morning and I was dead. Now…I’ve had worst mornings. If you know me, you know I get hangovers that are sent straight from hell. So I yacked once and struggled to get ready and get our asses out the door. I must admit I was a bit sluggish for a couple of hours but I was grateful my dumb ass didn’t consume any more alcohol than I did on the night of the wedding. After getting some food in us, we were okay. It was a great experience and even though at the end of the day…we felt like we got hit by multiple buses and got thrown out of an airplane, we had a blast and I would do it all over again.



MAY 31, 2016


So Sunday we got a good rest and on Monday, I went over to join everyone to celebrate Laurence & Lee’s 30th birthday (they’re twins yo). Unfortunately…Dean was working and couldn’t join. It was a bank holiday so for the most part, everybody else was there. Once again, it was a great time spending time with everyone…drinking all of the drinks and eating all of the food. After that weekend, I think I need to detox for a year. But I don’t regret any of it at all. We only live once so you need to enjoy every little part of it. If you want to spend your weekend eating sweets, drinking beer and eating shitty food with your friends….do it. Just be a little bit more healthy during the week, haha. I always tell myself…I don’t want to be 80 years old and be pissed off that I didn’t eat that burger, cookie, pizza or drink beers with my friends. Don’t go buck wild and do that 4 to 5 days a week but I always encourage people to not cut off what they enjoy just because they are trying to lose weight. If you want that delicious big ass burger, you eat that burger. Just bust your ass at the gym when you aren’t eating the foods you love. Just don’t eat 67 of them. It’s all about moderation, am I right? Anyway, you’ll be happy you did in the end.





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