Personally, monthly favorites are always so fun to do for me. Especially when people let me know that they actually went out and purchased one of the things I talked about! It’s such a good feeling when you end up helping others finalize that decision about a product they’ve always wondered about but never wanted to take the chance. I tend to be a sucker for monthly favorites. At the end of the day, I really believe that most people tend to buy whatever they buy…because of the word of mouth. You would rather try something out that you’ve either been told about by a friend, read on the internet or picked it up from a review..rather than just randomly buy a product you know nothing about. Am I right? Don’t get me wrong, everyone’s skin is so different, so one thing that works for somebody…won’t always work for another. Anyways…here are some of the things I’ve been loving in the month of February! Enjoy!

( PS: If you are interested in any of these products, the prices will be listed underneath each picture! I provided the best links/websites to the best of my knowledge. You can always do your own research. I provided both UK and US choices! Click whatever your desired currency is. )









( £24.50 / $33 )

I’m sure at least 80% of people love a little bit of MAC. Now I haven’t reviewed this product before but it’s been a staple product in my makeup routine for a long time now. It’s the only highlighter I’ve been grabbing all month. It was such a popular highlighter awhile back throughout YouTube, but it’s all for good reasons. It’s stunning. The glitter/shimmer is very fine and almost iridescent. It’s a very natural…yet vibrant highlighter. I normally just use a clean brush and dust it where needed, but it’s really lovely to build up if you’d like as well. Use a little bit of MAC Fix+ on your brush and you can get a really good glow with this. I’ve had this little guy for couple years now and there isn’t even a dent in it yet! I would say it would compliment most people, from light to medium skin tones. So if you’re looking for a nice versatile highlighter, I’d recommend MAC Soft & Gentle.



image4 (2).jpg


( £2.99 )

Okay, there’s not much to say about this product except that I love it. I am a nervous lip biter. I’m sure there’s a lot of you out there as well that do the same. If there is one little piece of skin flapping in the wind on my lip, it’s GOT to go. Even if it means that my lips have to suffer the consequences after peeling them. I know, it’s a terrible habit and I am working on it! That’s where this little guy steps in…it’s got a very settle cooling feeling when you apply it and it’s not too greasy either. It’s really been helping my lips heal a lot faster and prevents them from getting bad again. Also, I really dislike lip balms that are really heavy on the lips. This one is clear, light AND cheap! ( The UK only )


( £28 / $24 )

Now, if you’re reading this and you have any relationship with the beauty community on social media such as YouTube, Instagram, etc. You will know all about this concealer already, I’m sure. It’s everything people claim it to be. I really do love it. I had to hunt it down at a few Ultas when I was back in the states but I finally got my hands on it! This concealer is really what you make it though, to be honest. I’ve heard people loving it and I’ve heard people not loving it. It’s a very thick and pigmented concealer. I have the shade ‘light’ and it’s almost perfect for my skin tone. It is a bit light but I love the brightening effect it has under my eyes. I recommend using a small amount at first just to recognize how pigmented it actually is. Personally, I think the end result looks best when using a damp beauty sponge. I also recommend doing one eye at a time because this product tends to dry quicker than you would think. You can make it look very natural or you can pack it on and slay your face to the heavens. Whatever floats your boat, this concealer will do the job.


£5.50 / $6.99 )

This eyebrow gel is amazing. I’m talking about…in multiple ways too. The tube may look small but you need the smallest amount when it comes to this product. This tube will last you a lifetime, and the claim of it being waterproof is very true. Now I’m not promising you that you can go diving in the ocean for a sea life adventure and you’ll come out looking like an eyebrow goddess. I’m saying that when it comes to me, if you know me in real life…you know I am an eyebrow freak. I refuse to have any kind of smudging or flaking going on when it comes to my brows. This stuff is superglue. I am a very oily girl as well, and this stuff lasts a very long while. The only thing is that you have to work fast with it because it does dry very quickly! Now go cut somebody with them eyebrows, girl.



image3 (1).jpg

( £41 / $42 )

I got this palette for Christmas 2016 from my lovely husband and I’ve been using it every day since. I am not kidding, I absolutely love this palette. It has beautiful berry tones. Including warm tones, neutral tones and cool tones…it’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a palette. I tend to stick to these very colours when it comes to my makeup. I branch out sometimes for at night but for everyday routines…this is my baby. The quality of the shadows are SO buttery and pigmented. They are a bit soft, but you just have to be gentle with your brush when dipping into this. It’s such a breathtaking palette, it really is. I always feel 100% comfortable taking only this palette when I travel. You can achieve so many different looks with it and every time I open it, I get inspired.


image5 (2).jpg

( £27 / $27.50 )

I can’t tell you how long I’ve used this. Once again, I’ve repurchased this product for years and years…and I will continue to. You can use it before you dry your hair or after. I personally use it after I dry and straighten my hair, just to avoid any greasiness. It’s basically a hair oil. So if you aren’t into that then I wouldn’t recommend this. BUT…I adore it. I use just the smallest amount on the ends of my hair as the last step of my hair routine. My hair is pretty damaged and I have very dry ends. After straightening my hair, the overall end of my hair is too thick looking for my preference. Adding a little bit of this just makes my hair look straighter, shinier, softer AND don’t let me forget the smell. The smell of this is heavenly. The best way I can describe it…it smells like cologne. It’s not overpowering at all, but it just smells clean and fresh and amazing. I will forever love this product. I don’t think it’s available in the UK…it would have to be purchased off of Amazon or somewhere like that. So if your hair is feeling a little bit dry lately, go pick this up…you can thank me later! Overall, I’m obsessed!


image6 (1).jpg

( £17 / $20 )

Another product I just can’t stop reaching for this month. (And for the past 3 years). It’s such an easy colour for me to wear and it pretty much goes with any eye look I’ll ever wear on my eyes. It’s a colour that looks amazing on any skin tone, so I think that you would really love this product. It’s Lolita by Kat Von D! Surprise surprise, yeah? Ever since I got a job at Sephora awhile back, it was one of the first lipsticks I bought myself. This is my second tube. It’s SO popular in the beauty community and I can see why. The formula is long lasting, pigmented and cruelty-free! If this colour doesn’t catch your eye, don’t worry because she has SO many other options. I’ll just be here to tell you that the formula is a good enough reason to go and buy one of these right now! Every time one of my friends asks me if I have a lipstick they could wear when we were getting ready to go out, I’d hand them this. It looks good on everyone! They’d end up wanting to steal it from me and asking me where they can buy it immediately! It’ll forever be one of my favorite lipsticks.

So, there you have it. Everything I’ve been reaching for almost every single day this month! I really hope you enjoyed my feedback and PLEASE let me know if you have any questions or if you end up purchasing one of these products. I love to hear what other people think about the things that I love! Thank you for reading and until next time….





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